Nick Kenny

Assistant Vice President
Financial Advisor, LPL

720 East Broadway
Columbia, Missouri 65201


  • Biography

    "I serve as a resource for my clients by providing them with the expertise they need to make confident and informed financial decisions."

    Nick grew up in Raytown, Missouri as part of a large family where holiday gatherings often numbered upwards of 40 people - making for very fun (and very loud) times. After moving to Columbia and graduating from Mizzou, he started his financial services career as a teller at Central Bank of Boone County, then joined the Central Investment Advisors team in 2005. His wife, Shannan, works for a local ad agency and is light-years more creative than Nick. They spend a good deal of time trying to keep their puppy from eating their furniture. For escape, Nick plays billiards and snooker, and you can often find him at Booche's working on his game.

    Nick listens. Before he puts together a plan for you, his first job is to listen - to understand your background, your challenges, your experience, and your goals. Only then can he begin to draw on his experience and knowledge to build a plan customized to your specific needs. Though you will have a plan in place, life isn't static and neither is your plan. Nick will work with you to adjust and make necessary changes over time. Your plan will grow with you. When needed, Nick can call upon knowledgeable and experienced people inside the bank who can bring expertise in mortgage loans, commercial loans, business banking, insurance, and many other areas to supplement your plan.

    Since 2005, Nick has worked to improve his knowledge, understanding, and ability to effectively help clients in many areas of financial planning. He values being a trusted financial resource for his clients and community.