Central Investment Advisors

Central Investment Advisors

Health problems. Car accidents. An untimely death. No one wants to think about catastrophic events, but everyone should be prepared. Without adequate protection, the unforeseen puts everything you’ve worked for at risk.

Managing financial risk is a key part of any comprehensive financial strategy. It’s vital you have both the right amount and right type of protection for the various risks you face. That’s why we offer no obligation risk reviews to families and individuals.

Emergencies always take us by surprise. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared. Let’s talk about protecting your future. Stop by, call, or email a Central Investment Advisor office and make today the day you take charge of your tomorrow.

What makes Central Investment Advisors different?

For us, it’s personal. We take time to get to know you and your financial goals. Then we work with you to develop a strategy you understand and are comfortable with, to meet those goals. As your personal financial consultant, we are responsible for prudently investing your financial assets in a manner consistent with your goals, personality, personal preferences and financial position. We will inform you ahead of time of the costs and benefits of working with a professional investment representative of INVEST Financial Corporation.

It's about more than your investments.

We live right here – in the same community as those we serve. We never lose sight of the fact that your investments represent the hopes, dreams and aspirations of a friend and neighbor. Additionally, because we are located at Central Bank, we can work with your banker as part of a team of personal financial professionals you can rely upon to serve all your financial needs.