Jeff Werner

Certified Financial PlannerTM professional
Senior Vice President
Financial Advisor, LPL

3212 South Glenstone Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65804


  • Biography

    "I believe we suffer from information overload. In a world full of noise and distractions, it's hard to decipher the important from the trivial. When you ask for help, even the experts give conflicting advice."

    What I do is help people cut through the noise and distractions to focus on what matters to them.  I help make sure their investment decisions rest on a solid foundation and can weather any financial storm.  Basically, I help people understand their goals and create a financial roadmap to prepare them for the longest vacation of their life - retirement.

    When I first became a financial advisor in 1992, there was no internet and CNBC was only three years old.  The only investment information was on the nightly news or in the newspaper.  Now it's all in the palm of your hand (literally).  Facebook, Twitter…  All of a sudden, everybody is an expert and can't wait to tell you (whether or not you asked).

    Most advisors talk about how much money they can make you.  Not me.  I can't make you rich, but I can keep you from being poor.  I accomplish this by going over all the risks you face (even the ones you may not be aware of).  Despite all the investment “noise” out there, it is impossible to be completely right in this business.  What is possible is to be completely wrong, and I believe it's better to be partially right than destitute.  I believe everyone should be able to sleep at night, distraction free.

    After graduating from KU with a degree in economics I started my career with Edward Jones and joined Central Investment Advisors in 1996.  I am blessed with three hockey player sons.  I enjoy reading, writing, cycling, and giving back to the community.  In 2009-10, I served as president of Sunrise Rotary, Rock n Ribs, and the combined board of the Springfield Rotary Clubs.  I served as the chairman of the finance and building committees and as a member of the parish council for St Elizabeth Ann Seton for 15 years.  I currently serve on the Leadership Springfield Board of Directors and was a member of Class 19 (2003-4).

    I have had the pleasure of helping clients and their families my entire adult life, and can think of no other profession that could be more rewarding.