• How We Can Help

    Everyone has goals in life, but often, no idea how to reach them.You need the right strategy to pursue your goals. Our advisors will show you a path to financial security, then walk it with you. 

    Central Investment Advisors offers a wide array of personal financial services

    Financial Planning

    • Retirement Lifestyle Planning
    • Lifetime Income Planning

    Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Rollovers

    Wealth Transfer

    • Creating a legacy
    • Beneficiary Designations
    • Endowments

    Insurance Planning

    • Quality Healthcare in Retirement
    • Risk Management

    Tax Advantaged Investing

    • Tax Planning
    • Self-directed IRAs
    • Traditional IRA
    • Roth IRA
    • 529 Tuition Savings Plan

    Employee Benefits

    • Simple IRA
    • SEP IRA
    • 401(k) plans
    • 403(b) plans

    Portfolio Management for non-profit organizations

    How do I get started?

    The first step in working toward your goals is finding the right advisor to help get you there. That’s why we offer no-obligation initial consultations. These meetings provide an opportunity for you to get to know the person who will be advising you, and just as importantly, for us to get to know you.

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