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Best Six Months of the Year

November through April historically have been the best six months of the year to own stocks. Recent S&P 500 highs, continued economic growth, and a healthy consumer could help drive stock gains again.(read more...)

LPL Research - November 4, 2019


Risk Management & Retirement Savings

By investing for retirement through your employer-sponsored plan, you are helping to manage a critically important financial risk: the chance that you will outlive your money. But choosing to participate is just one step in your financial risk management strategy. You also need to manage risk within your account to help it stay on track. Following are steps to consider(read more...)

- November 11, 2019


A Tale of Two Economies

Consumer spending has powered the U.S. economy this year as businesses curb investments. We expect growth to slow next year, but a strong U.S. labor market and solid consumer spending will likely fend off a recessionary environment.(read more...)

LPL Research - November 11, 2019


Estate Planning Checklist

Is your estate plan up to date? Use this checklist to pinpoint potential shortcomings.(read more...)

- November 18, 2019