Financial Snapshots

What parents need to know about saving for college?

If you’re saving for your child’s higher education, you probably have a lot of questions besides “When did college get so incredibly expensive?”

Realistic tips to help keep your passwords and digital accounts secure

You don’t have to go completely offline to be safe. Just take some simple steps to protect your digital identity.

10 Things You Must Know About Medicare

Here’s help to determine when to enroll, what to enroll in and what coverage will meet your needs.

10 Least Tax-Friendly States for Retirees (2016)

When it comes to enjoying your retirement, where you retire may be as important as when you retire. These 10 states impose the highest taxes on retirees.

Financial Planning Strategies

Social Security, Insurance & Estate Planning

A Medical Power of Attorney Can Protect Your Health Care Rights

A durable medical power of attorney, can help assure health care decisions are carried out according to your wishes.

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